Samantha Fordwood, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist (PSY 22714)
870 Market Street, Suite 845
San Francisco, CA 94102



I AM CLOSING MY PRIVATE PRACTICE AS OF OCTOBER 2019 AS I WILL BE JOINING THE DBT-A TEAM AT UCSF. I am no longer accepting any individual or skills class clients.

I am a licensed clinical psychologist dedicated to providing evidence-based psychotherapy that is tailored to address each client's specific needs and goals. I specialize in cognitive-behavioral (CBT) and dialectical-behavior (DBT) therapy for adults, young adults, and adolescents. 

I have expertise in treating:
  •   Major Depressive Disorder
  •   Bipolar Disorder
  •   Anxiety Disorders
  •   Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  •   Eating Disorders
  •   Borderline Personality Disorder
  •   Self-Injurious Behaviors (e.g., cutting)
  •   Impulsive/ risky behaviors (e.g., substance use, over-spending, risky sexual behaviors)
  •   Relationship problems

Being a therapy client requires courage, patience, and a willingness to work hard to make effective changes. As a psychologist, I feel honored that people allow me into their lives and share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with me.

I believe wholeheartedly in the power of a strong and collaborative therapeutic relationship. I strive to help each client meet his/her treatment goals and build a more fulfilling life.
And I also hope to have a little fun together along the way!

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